A useful motivational technique for encouraging proactive behaviours. Nominations , based on criteria below for example , are forwarded by unit managers for adjudication by senior management who highlight and reward the monthly winner. The monthly winners are assessed for the overall Business Developer of the Year award which is given at a significant annual company function so that all staff can understand how important new business is to the survival, growth and success of the business.

Sample criteria:

To qualify for the award the recipient will have:

  • Displayed initiative in identifying and/or capturing new business from a competitor or a new arrival to the marketplace.
  • Been proactive in the local marketplace ( Proactive calls / visits to future customers, development of new intermediary relationships, Chamber/corporate hospitality initiatives.).
  • Developed innovative/effective methods of increasing company market share / image in the marketplace.
  • Actively encouraged/ involved/enabled others to participate in prospecting for new business.